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About the company

ZAO SIGNY GROUP is a truly multidisciplinary engineering, design and consultancy company.

SIGNY GROUP provides services under 3 main service areas: 

• Building & Design
• Transport & Infrastructure
• Environment

Currently, with 2 branch offices St. Petersburg and Moscow. SIGNY GROUP employs about 270 highly qualified professionals: project managers, architects, master planning specialists, structural engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers, process and environmental engineers, fire safety specialists, risk managers and others.

Services provided

• Design management (general designer)
• Preparation of documentation to identify the possibilities of land allocation for construction / refurbishment purposes or evaluation of real estate objects for design development, refurbishment and adaptation
• Preparation of urban planning documentation
• Development of concepts / preliminary design / pre-project solutions
• Development of PROEKT design
• Technical support to the Client during approvals and state expert examination procedures (‘Expertiza’) 
• Assisting to the client with preparation of tenders and during tender processes, i.e. selection of the main contractor or during contract negotiations
• Development of detailed documentation
• Site design supervision
• Performance of Technical Client’s functions (Client’s functions)
• Construction control activities
• Fire safety services
• Environmental design and consulting services
• Consulting services (including legal consulting) in building and design