Nizhny Novgorod International Airport (MANN) design received approval of government design evaluation authorities.

This project is by right one of the most exciting and technologically complex projects in our current portfolio.

Project Manager Oleg Lukyanchik explained that MANN design was developed in cooperation with British architects and process design engineers from Pascall+Watson (P+W) and Hin Tan Associates, and used a number of innovative solutions.

“To name a few of the unconventional solutions: layout of the border checkpoint is not typical for Russia (process flow begins with the pre-flight inspection), combined International and Local check-in, adjustable ratio of International to Local lounge floor area depending on the actual passenger flow. This kind of technological innovations are still rare to come by in our airports”, - says Oleg.

“This project expanded our skill set, helped to establish new contacts and was a successful knowledge sharing exercise. Dealing with professionals is always exciting, and this is not the first time our partners confirm their solid reputation. I would like to thank SIGNY GROUP team and our partners: P+W, HTA for the great and exciting work we have done”.

MANN scope includes a new passenger terminal, access road and a parking lot for public and private vehicles.


The airport renovation program includes construction of a new terminal by 2014 with expansion of the terminal as the passenger flow grows, as well as improvement of the airport infrastructure and the landside.

 Our functions in this project include:

GeneralDesigner (DesignManager)






• Approvals and Official Project Design Evaluation Support