On January 10, 2014 RF State Expert Design Evaluation Agency (GlavGosEkspertiza) issued its formal approval of Project Design and site survey documentation for Domodedovo-2 Passenger Terminal.

SIGNY GROUP, a leading Russian design consultancy, is the Design Manager for Terminal 2 Project of Domodedovo Moscow Airport.

“Domodedovo Terminal 2 is an exciting and complex project. We expected this work to be challenging and intense. The Client's team set forth some ambitious targets which needed a quick and quality response", – SIGNY GROUP Moscow Office Director Igor Zholobov. “Just to compare: Domodedovo Terminal 2 is going to be 3 times bigger than the Pulkovo Terminal in terms of the floor area, yet the schedule is much tighter. However, despite all these challenges, we managed to deliver it in a timely manner to a high professional standard”.

SIGNY GROUP own resources and a number of local subconsultants and partners were reinforced by our old standing partners – Pascall+Watson, a leading aviation sector architect company from UK.

“This project is a huge achievement. We have made another decisive step towards strengthening our presence on aviation market and confirmed our leading position in this area”, – SIGNY GROUP Managing Director Sergej Juzovitski. “This achievement is a combined effort of all our professionals working hard in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg showcasing the One Company approach. It also confirms the high quality of cooperation and communication between company structural units which is instrumental for large and ambitious projects.


Next Step

SIGNY GROUP continues its work on this project developing Working Documentation. Next assignment will be the Design Author Supervision on site.



Domodedovo Airport in Moscow is the largest Russian airport.

According to the annual survey by an independent research company Skytrax Research (UK), Domodedovo is rated among Eastern Europe top airports in terms of the service quality. Since 2010, Domodedovo was selected as the airport of choice for their trips to Moscow by leading global aviation alliances – Star Alliance and OneWorld.