For the second time now SIGNY GROUP employees have taken part in Bring Change to Somebody’s Life! charity fundraiser.

Over 20 kg of coins have been donated by SIGNY GROUP employees over the week’s span of the campaign. Contribution jars were set up in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow offices. SIGNY GROUP employees were quite enthusiastic about this initiative and brought all their spare change to the donation areas set up inside the company’s offices.


All the donations collected by SIGNY GROUP staff have been handed over to Life Line foundation to help Evgenia Karnadud diagnosed with vertebral deformity, level IV scoliosis.

The sizable contribution and active participation in the foundation’s campaign merited a letter of recognition signed to the SIGNY GROUP’s name.

“This recognition is the tribute to our employees who displayed so much enthusiasm, kindness and sympathy to the Life Line foundation’s cause! We are excited for the opportunity to take part in Bring Change to Somebody’s Life campaign for the second time now! This is a prime example of small contributions advancing a great common cause!” — Elena Gorlinskaya, SIGNY GROUP Administrative Director.


The Life Line Foundation for critically ill kids conducted the Bring Change to Somebody’s Life fundraiser for the 11th time. Over the last several years the volunteers managed to collect 12,739,818 roubles in change alone, which were used to pay for 62 surgeries for critically ill kids from all over Russia!

The next Bring Change to Somebody’s Life fundraiser is scheduled for the spring of next year.