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We, at SIGNY GROUP, believe in a business conduct founded on trust, honesty and professionalism, in a holistic, responsible approach to any activity we engage in. We believe in volunteering that promotes sustainable development and strengthens our social responsibility. 


Business integrity

Responsible business conduct is a SIGNY GROUP principled position. We support UN Global Compact on human rights, workplace relations, environment protection and work against corruption, and we strive to act as a professional, responsible consultant when we render our services to our customers. 

Social responsibility: corporate activities

We support projects which promote sports, art and culture, we reach out to the kids in local orphanages and aid several non-profit organizations helping stray pets, on regular basis.
We strongly believe that only an individual contribution to the common cause can change the world for the better.

Environment protection
May 24, 2011
On 20th of May, SIGNY GROUP employees turned in 170 kg of scrap paper for recycling.

Earth Hour

March 25, 2011
SIGNY GROUP participates in the annual global environmental event organized by WWF – Earth Hour.

Do good!
March 11, 2011
In February 2011, we donated money to buy gifts and essential commodities for Saint-Petersburg orphans within the framework of Social and Spiritual Health charity program.