Dear Partners!

Our company is currently going through certain organisational changes. Service area based integration is replacing the previously applied territorial structure: management functions will be consolidated in company departments instead of regional branches. A total of six dedicated departments will be created to merge the respective specialist divisions within the Moscow and Saint-Petersburg offices.

Meanwhile we will continue our normal operation both in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.

This organisational change removes the Branch Office Director position in our company structure. 

As the result, Igor Zholobov is stepping down as the Director of the Moscow Branch Office. Mr. Zholobov has worked at our company for over 5 years. We are grateful for his significant input to our company growth and wish him further success!

“The new structure is a new stage in our development. Currently we need to overcome the fragmentation of branch offices and provide everything necessary for the integration of all employees into a consolidated team of professionals. The new company structure will help us continue our growth and provide better services within reasonable time”, – Sergej Juzovitski, SIGNY GROUP Managing Director.