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For the second time now SIGNY GROUP employees have taken part in Bring Change to Somebody’s Life! charity fundraiser.

Over 20 kg of coins have been donated by SIGNY GROUP employees over the week’s span of the campaign. Contribution jars were set up in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow offices. SIGNY GROUP employees were quite enthusiastic about this initiative and brought all their spare change to the donation areas set up inside the company’s offices.


All the donations collected by SIGNY GROUP staff have been handed over to Life Line foundation to help Evgenia Karnadud diagnosed with vertebral deformity, level IV scoliosis.

The sizable contribution and active participation in the foundation’s campaign merited a letter of recognition signed to the SIGNY GROUP’s name.

“This recognition is the tribute to our employees who displayed so much enthusiasm, kindness and sympathy to the Life Line foundation’s cause! We are excited for the opportunity to take part in Bring Change to Somebody’s Life campaign for the second time now! This is a prime example of small contributions advancing a great common cause!” — Elena Gorlinskaya, SIGNY GROUP Administrative Director.


The Life Line Foundation for critically ill kids conducted the Bring Change to Somebody’s Life fundraiser for the 11th time. Over the last several years the volunteers managed to collect 12,739,818 roubles in change alone, which were used to pay for 62 surgeries for critically ill kids from all over Russia!

The next Bring Change to Somebody’s Life fundraiser is scheduled for the spring of next year.



October last year, a design & engineering company FK Engineering in association with DOMOY! TV channel and information site archi.ru announced an open competition dubbed Unique Home inviting architects from across Russia to test their creativity. Several SIGNY employees accepted the challenge.

The goal of the competition was to create a unique concept of an unorthodox residential building to be implemented later in Nizhny Novgorod. Over 60 contenders turned in their proposals, but the jury, headed by Nizhny Novgorod’s Chief Architect Victor Bykov, selected only 10 concepts for the final vote. The winner was announced on April 13,  2015. The title of the most colourful and original concept was awarded to the work of our BIM Manager, Igor Khisamiev!

В процессе создания

   В процессе создания 





Creation Process

Итоговый вариантИтоговый вариант






Igor’s Final Concept


“I've come across this competition by accident, simply stumbled upon it while browsing the Internet and it got me interested. I’ve spent some time trying to come up with a good concept, the design had to be feasible and fit to build. At some point, my wife suggested using the Rubik’s Cube as the basis for my idea. And this is how my concept was conceived”, – Igor explained.

In addition to an Apple iPad Air, the winner of the competition will have the chance to become the chief project architect and implement his own concept.

We congratulate Igor with this achievement and wish him more creative challenges and new victories!

Linked video of the winner can be found here.


Brief news

Signy Group successfully passed through the quality certification process. All the certificates are available for downloading. 
Find more at the Quality Management page. 

Europe’s largest airport exhibition – the Passenger Terminal Expo – was held on March 10-12, 2015, and our company used this chance to present itself.


This year, the Expo had a record breaking number of participants (180), including such famous global brands as Bosch, Lockheed Martin, Samsung, ThyssenKrupp, 3M, Airport de Paris. Other notable participants included some of our international partners and competitors on the engineering and consulting scene: Pascall+Watson, ARUP, COWI, Linder, NACO, etc. 

The Expo was every bit as large and global as it was advertized: 5000 visitors including business representatives from Russia, Europe, Japan, China and other regions. Our specialists and management representatives were actively involved in the Expo activities and used the opportunity to develop contacts with our potential clients and partners. 

World Airport Awards were handed out as part of the exhibition programme. We were thrilled to learn that one of the projects we contributed to - Domodedovo Airport - was awarded the title of the Best Airport in Russia/CIS.

The next Expo is scheduled for mid March in Cologne.



SIGNY GROUP employees supported Bring Change to Somebody's Life campaign – a coin fundraiser for ill kids.

20 kg worth of coins, or approximately 20 000 roubles is the result of the 2 week event conducted at SIGNY GROUP. Contribution jars were set up in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow offices. SIGNY GROUP employees were quite enthusiastic about this initiative and kept bringing all their spare change every day of the fundraiser.

All this money was handed over to the Life Line Foundation to help Elena Elovikova (b. 1997) fight her bad case of idiopathic scoliosis.

The Life Line Foundation for critically ill kids hold Bring Change to Somebody’s Life fundraiser twice a year. This year’s milestone fundraiser set a record in total contributions. A number of different companies took part in this fundraiser installing donation boxes for coins in addition to those provided by the Life Line Foundation.

"Our company is actively involved in charity work”, — SIGNY GROUP Administrative Director, Elena Gorlinskaya. “We have been helping a number of orphanages and hospitals for several years now, and we also regularly support environmental campaigns. This is the first time we cooperate with the Life Line Foundation, and we liked the Bring Change to Somebody’s Life fundraiser a lot. This whole idea received an enthusiastic response from a lot of our employees, and I’d like to thank everyone who participated and cared”.