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On January 10, 2014 RF State Expert Design Evaluation Agency (GlavGosEkspertiza) issued its formal approval of Project Design and site survey documentation for Domodedovo-2 Passenger Terminal.

SIGNY GROUP, a leading Russian design consultancy, is the Design Manager for Terminal 2 Project of Domodedovo Moscow Airport.

“Domodedovo Terminal 2 is an exciting and complex project. We expected this work to be challenging and intense. The Client's team set forth some ambitious targets which needed a quick and quality response", – SIGNY GROUP Moscow Office Director Igor Zholobov. “Just to compare: Domodedovo Terminal 2 is going to be 3 times bigger than the Pulkovo Terminal in terms of the floor area, yet the schedule is much tighter. However, despite all these challenges, we managed to deliver it in a timely manner to a high professional standard”.

SIGNY GROUP own resources and a number of local subconsultants and partners were reinforced by our old standing partners – Pascall+Watson, a leading aviation sector architect company from UK.

“This project is a huge achievement. We have made another decisive step towards strengthening our presence on aviation market and confirmed our leading position in this area”, – SIGNY GROUP Managing Director Sergej Juzovitski. “This achievement is a combined effort of all our professionals working hard in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg showcasing the One Company approach. It also confirms the high quality of cooperation and communication between company structural units which is instrumental for large and ambitious projects.


Next Step

SIGNY GROUP continues its work on this project developing Working Documentation. Next assignment will be the Design Author Supervision on site.



Domodedovo Airport in Moscow is the largest Russian airport.

According to the annual survey by an independent research company Skytrax Research (UK), Domodedovo is rated among Eastern Europe top airports in terms of the service quality. Since 2010, Domodedovo was selected as the airport of choice for their trips to Moscow by leading global aviation alliances – Star Alliance and OneWorld.



Nizhny Novgorod International Airport (MANN) design received approval of government design evaluation authorities.

This project is by right one of the most exciting and technologically complex projects in our current portfolio.

Project Manager Oleg Lukyanchik explained that MANN design was developed in cooperation with British architects and process design engineers from Pascall+Watson (P+W) and Hin Tan Associates, and used a number of innovative solutions.

“To name a few of the unconventional solutions: layout of the border checkpoint is not typical for Russia (process flow begins with the pre-flight inspection), combined International and Local check-in, adjustable ratio of International to Local lounge floor area depending on the actual passenger flow. This kind of technological innovations are still rare to come by in our airports”, - says Oleg.

“This project expanded our skill set, helped to establish new contacts and was a successful knowledge sharing exercise. Dealing with professionals is always exciting, and this is not the first time our partners confirm their solid reputation. I would like to thank SIGNY GROUP team and our partners: P+W, HTA for the great and exciting work we have done”.

MANN scope includes a new passenger terminal, access road and a parking lot for public and private vehicles.


The airport renovation program includes construction of a new terminal by 2014 with expansion of the terminal as the passenger flow grows, as well as improvement of the airport infrastructure and the landside.

 Our functions in this project include:

GeneralDesigner (DesignManager)






• Approvals and Official Project Design Evaluation Support

An oriented strand board (OSB) production plant Kalevala was launched in Petrozavodsk on June 25, 2013. The formal opening was attended by state officials, stakeholders, top management, contractors and partners.

SIGNY GROUP produced the project and detailed design of the facility, and provided assistance with the formal approvals and state expert design reviews, as well as comprehensive consulting regarding the design and construction of the plant.

Phase I annual production capacity of the plant amounts to 300,000 m3. Phase II will further increase the annual OSB output reaching 600,000 m³. The facility has a multi-stage emission purification system plus a number of special utilities for a dramatic increase in energy efficiency.

ZAO KOMPAKT is a stakeholder in Kalevala plant. The project investment totals 8 billion roubles (USD 245 million). The facility will create approximately 300 new jobs for the local community. 

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Airport Development Russia & CIS 3rd Annual International Forum took place at the World Trade Center in Moscow on 15-17 May, 2013. The exhibition was attended by the representatives of the largest airport industry companies including Signy Group.

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