Another stage of the Peugeot, Citroen and Mitsubishi Cars Plant Construction – Paint Shop (processing system) Project in Kaluga was completed on December 1, 2010. The client of the project is OOO TAIKISHA (R) – Russian representative office of French company Taiki-Sha Ltd.

The designed production capacity after the plant is launched will amount to 125 thou. cars/year (models: Peugeot 308, Citroen С3, Mitsubishi Outlander XL). The work under the project started in February of 2010 and there have been two service agreements concluded with the client under this project.

What made this project unique is that it was the first project when an attempt was made to go beyond the traditional scope of the services rendered by ZAO SIGNY GROUP. The client was offered an integrated package besides design services additionally including a complete customs clearance and certification of imported materials and equipment. It should be noted that such a packaged approach is currently a very promising and winning strategy that provides a smoother implementation of an investment project due to optimized and aligned activities of different organizations involved in the project at different stages and it also provides new consulting opportunities for ZAO SIGNY GROUP.

The contract for development of working documentation for the paint shop processing system as well as certification services and preparation of as-built documentation at the construction site was signed on September 1, 2010. In order to render some of the mentioned services ZAO SIGNY GROUP involved appropriate contractors, thus acting as the main coordinator. In compliance with the contract, a pilot working documentation package was transmitted to the client on December 2, 2010. The package included documents on the shop steel structures, processes, heating and ventilation, power supply and automation. Certification services as well as preparation of as-built documentation will go on until June of 2011.