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ROCKWOOL inflammable mineral wool insulation production plant

ROCKWOOL group is one of the three largest high-quality insulation producers in Russia.

Favourable investment conditions of Leningrad Region, rapid development of the North-West Territory and exporting capabilities to Finland and Baltic states – all that has become the reason for a decision to build the plant.

ZAO SIGNY GROUP designed the plant and performed the author's supervision. There was a total of over EUR 60 M invested in the project. The plant produces basalt fibre-based mineral wool insulation materials intended for insulation of residential, office and production buildings as well as for pipelines, ducts and production equipment.

Customer: ROCKWOOL Group
Work completion: 2006

Natalya Sedova 
Technical Director
T.:  + 7 812 331 5105
E-mail:  info.spb@signygroup.com