Rodniki Residential Complex

Rodniki is a promising housing development project in Moscow Region. According to the programme, by the end of this year the community will have three new seventeen storey apartment buildings with integrated premises: parking lots, pumping facilities, transformer substations, etc.

This is an economy class residential project and it will offer moderate size apartments (single room size capped at 20 sq. m.). The total apartment sizes vary between 42 and 67 sq. m. The apartment will be built one-by-one. The construction method introduced in the design of this project enables delivery of turnkey buildings within six month from the start of construction activities on site.

SIGNY GROUP will develop the project design (including assistance with the necessary formal approvals and authorizations), working documentation, and will provide consultancy to the local administration with regards to the revision of the local land use and development rules of Rodniki community.

SIGNY GROUP will face the following objectives: ensuring fire safety of the project, making sure that the design will adjust to the rugged topography of the construction footprint and vicinity of an industrial area, and that it will provide for use of the forced sewage and include multi-storey car parking (six to seven floors).

Rodniki is the first large scale high-rise residential development project for SIGNY GROUP. The project’ client – OOO Mosoblzhilstroy – is planning to further develop the community: design and build a shopping and recreation center, build similar apartment buildings in the southern part of the developed area, create a mixed use waterfront, park area and a restaurant center.

Moscow Region, Ramensky District, Rodniki Settlement

Boris Sidnenko
Project Manager
Tel.: + 7 812 331 5110
E-mail: info.spb@signygroup.com
Website: www.signygroup.com