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SIGNY GROUP’s work in the healthcare sector is aimed at providing the most comfortable and salubrious conditions. 

Caring about health and environment


SIGNY GROUP renders services of consulting, engineering and technological support for a wide range of institutions including hospitals, healthcare centres, pharmaceutical manufacturers, research institutions, residential buildings, resort centres. The services can be provided at all stages of a project: from bidding to consulting on renewable energy sources and environmental protection as well as calculation of costs for the service life of the designed facility.

Whatever our scope of work is: project management, designing of an energy-saving façade or 3D-modelling, SIGNY GROUP always tries to find the best solutions friendly for people and environment. When working on operating healthcare facilities SIGNY GROUP first of all tries to implement the latest healthcare research findings that we closely monitor. Therefore implementation of solutions proposed by SIGNY GROUP goes smoothly allowing to easily implement new diagnostic and treatment techniques into an operating facility’s system of work. SIGNY GROUP’s goal – balance of performance, salubrious conditions, economy and durability.