Project management

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Success of a project relies on prompt decision making and carefully considered goals and objectives. Most projects require close cooperation with the Client, the tenants of the property involved, regulating authorities and contractors.

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Sustainable use of our planet’s water resources is one of the top priorities in a civilized society.

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In everyday life society more and more depends on properly functioning power supply, information and telecommunication systems. Malfunctioning of those systems can result in serious consequences both for society and for economy as a whole. Such systems must be designed so to avoid malfunctioning and minimize risks.

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Fire Safety

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Fires can threaten people, production facilities, property and environment. Fire safety professionals from SIGNY GROUP will provide the best balance between cost of installation, fire safety equipment operation and fire safety requirements.

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Technical knowledge and experience

Our job requires deep technical knowledge, curiosity and functional approach to create the best conditions for a person and society as a whole. Our designers are ambitious to meet high expectations of the society. Our creative thinking as well as deep understanding of construction activities will ensure efficient and systematic design.

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