Sustainable use of our planet’s water resources is one of the top priorities in a civilized society.

Water supply and water disposal fill the vital demand for drinking water and provide hygienic and comfortable conditions for the community. These systems include potable water, fire water, hot and circulating water lines, as well as domestic, storm water, industrial and surface runoff drainage systems, water treatment facilities and pump stations.

SIGNY GROUP provides turnkey water supply and drainage design solutions for the indoor plumbing and outdoor mains.

Plumbing design involves:
• sizing the pipes, specifying the points of entry into the building and distribution outlets
• sizing and selecting the building’s water metering units
• hydraulic calculation of the risers, the primary and the secondary distribution piping, connections to the plumbing fixtures and process equipment
• specifying the tapware and control valves

Depending on the purpose of the planned facility, specific local features and nature of the production processes, the design of the water supply and drainage may include pump stations, storage tanks and other equipment provided both indoors and outdoors.

Design of the outdoor water distribution and sewerage systems involves:

• hydraulic calculation of the systems
• specifying the required local treatment facilities
• calculating and specifying the necessary pump stations and storage tanks

We offer solutions for sustainable water use and cost effective, reliable water supply and drainage design.