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Fires can threaten people, production facilities, property and environment. Fire safety professionals from SIGNY GROUP will provide the best balance between cost of installation, fire safety equipment operation and fire safety requirements.

SIGNY GROUP has obtained a vast experience in management of all kinds of fire risks: from fire safety strategy statement to development of best fire protection concept solutions and measures.

Fire safety analysis

Our analysis contains the following items: 
• Identification of risks.
• Estimated fire hazard development and distribution scenarios.
• Building structures fire load.
• Fire safety concept.
• Fire impact on people, structures and property.
• Classification of buildings and facilities by fire and explosion hazards.
• Process equipment, security systems, shutdown systems and emergency response plans.

Fire safety measures

We design and analyse emergency exit systems including:

• Escape plans
• Effect of smoke and fire on escaped people
• Fire alarm and water fire suppression systems
• Emergency lighting
• Emergency response plan