SIGNY GROUP offers a wide range of various services in transportation and infrastructure for a successful project.

Airport design

The necessity of fast and efficient means of travelling around the world led to continuous development of air transport during the last decades.

An efficient international air transportation system is required to maintain the global economic growth. It is very important that international airports offer high-quality services and a wide range of possibilities for the passengers.

Geotechnical and geophysical engineering of rocks

Geotechnical engineering – is a science of using soil as building material for above- and underground structures and soil foundations – usually with modification of the soil’s natural properties.

Aboveground structures are represented by the following: alluvial and fill dams, embankments, motor and rail roads, low-rise residential buildings.

The most common structures below ground level are foundation pits and excavations.

Soil foundations serve as basis for all buildings and structures except pile and rock foundations. Besides sandy and loamy soil, construction is also performed on problematic soils such as: permafrost soil, less collapsible soil, swelling soil, saline soil, organic soil (peat), residual and man-made soil.

Natural properties of soil are studied in the course of geologic survey.

Geotechnical survey includes engineering efforts aimed at modification of the soil’s properties and structural design and construction of soil structures (construction of a soil structure with different properties in different parts of the structure).

There is a great number of soil property modification techniques used in construction that can be grouped as follows:

• Constructive technique – does not improve properties of the soil itself, but does improve behavior of the soil in the basis by modification of the stress condition and providing better deformation conditions (under load).
• Compaction – by rolling, compression, lime piles, compaction with a static load, compaction by dewatering.
• Solidification improving mechanical properties of soil and modifying its filtering properties – cement grouting, petrification, tar grouting, clay grouting, asphalt grouting, electrochemical consolidation, thermal consolidation.
• Reinforcement of soil with geotextile, for instance.
• Creation and application of artificial or composite soil.

In addition to soil properties modification a replacement of individual weak and unreliable layers of soil foundations is also used – soil beddings constructed both below and above ground level.

Geotechnical properties of soil are closely related to moisture first of all caused by ground waters. A guaranteed change of soil moisture by, for example, dewatering, will improve building performance of the soil.

Services offered by ZAO SIGNY GROUP include all kinds of aboveground geotechnical engineering and design of soil foundations including rock and underwater foundations for any projects with the account to environmental compliance in the course of construction and operation, development of briefs and specifications for geological surveys, review of complete geological surveys and geotechnical sections of Russian and foreign project documentation, author’s supervision during construction.

ZAO SIGNY GROUP offers a complete set of environmental consulting services: from technical support in the course of engineering and environmental survey for construction as well as environmental investigation to development of allowable impact standards and obtaining of permits for active facilities.

Green design and consulting services

• Development of environmental sections for project documentation:
 – Environment protection measures;
 – Environmental impact assessment;
 – Construction waste disposal process procedure;
 – Study of sanitary protection zone design boundaries;
 – Radiofrequency range RMI calculation for determination of residential area boundaries;
• Coordination and technical support of environmental site surveys;

•  Supporting services for active facilities including:
 – Development of acceptable environmental impacts and environmental documentation;  
 – Filling reports on environmental statistics and calculation of negative environmental impact charges;   
 – Obtaining permissions; 

• Environmental engineering and consulting services. 


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